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What Churches Offer

A church is a group of people who support one another in worship, learning, and growing as followers of Jesus Christ. They offer

  • Welcome, friendship, and a listening ear

  • The opportunity to learn about faith and grow in it

  • A welcome to questioners and doubters as much as those of settled faith.

Most local churches have their own building, but some share with another church or use a school or other community premises.

Regular worship

Churches hold regular worship services on Sundays, and often on other days of the week. Most churches have now returned to services held in their buildings, though it is worth checking with churches individually to see if they also offer live streaming or other access online.

Services reflect many different styles and traditions. They can be informal or formal, and music may be modern or traditional.  Our individual church profiles give a guide and links to their websites for full details of services and times.

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Friendship and families

A church is a community. For many, the church is a source of friendship and social support. Learning groups, prayer groups, and social activities help people get to know each other and to involve newcomers.

People at all stages of life are important, whether families or single people. Churches nurture children and young people in many ways, through learning opportunities such as Sunday schools, as well as playgroups, youth groups, and Guides, Brownies, Scouts, and Cubs. Older people are supported in many ways.  (See church websites for details)

Serving those in need

Churches serve those in need, both in their own congregations and in the wider community. Many offer regular support for vulnerable groups, including the homeless, asylum seekers, the isolated, and those with mental health difficulties.


Some activities were curtailed during the pandemic, but churches found lots of creative ways to adapt and are largely back to operating normally.  (See church websites for details)

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A space for those who are troubled

Many people experience stress and anxiety in their lives, especially the continuing effects of the pandemic, and the cost of living crisis. Some feel an unmet spiritual need. Church leaders are always ready to listen confidentially to those who are troubled. Most churches have pastoral teams who may be able to offer practical and spiritual support.

Our Mission

Facilities for the community

Churches are increasingly becoming community centres, with well adapted buildings and regular activities serving many needs. Many have halls for hire. (See church websites for details).

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New Here?

Find out how, where and when our events take place. We hope to see you soon!!

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